Effy Jewellery

In 1979, Effram Hematian, an engineer with a passion for jewellery design founded his now fine jewellery empire.

Known for it’s unique design, Effy is worn by celebrities the world over and is stocked in Bloomingdales and Macy’s in the US.

Much like our founder here at Micheli Eurogold, Mr. Hematian was an immigrant who dreamt of success and had the passion and drive to make it happen.

Exclusive Effy Jewellery stores in Melbourne

We have an exclusive range of Effy jewellery showcasing optimum quality craftsmanship and elegant both in store and online.

Shop from the comfort of your couch or visit us in store where we will be happy to guide you through this stunning range. Available in various stones, colours, cuts, shapes and styles, Effy is a premium, high quality jewellery range from New York, encompassing contemporary style and on trend pieces.

Feel special with Effy

A perfect blend of high quality diamonds and craftsmanship make Effy jewellery unique and exclusive. Coloured stones with a classic touch and unique appearance make you stand out among the crowd.

Be an ultimate symbol of elegance and sparkle by selecting a piece from the exclusive Effy collection. Let magical moments be transformed into mesmerised ones with a golden touch and a little flair. Effy adds grace to any occasion and we are sure we have the right piece to make your moment as special as it can be.

Contact us on 03 9370 8218 for assistance regarding any item from the Effy range. You can also write us at enquiries@michelieurogold.com.au and our friendly team get in touch with you.