The 4 C’s are four variables that are used to calculate the value of a diamond

— Clarity, Color, Cut, and Carat Weight.

Clarity describes the clearness or purity of a diamond. This is determined by the number, size, nature, and location of the internal (inclusions) and external (blemishes) imperfections.

The four C’s
Each and every moment, a diamond has the ability to create precious memories around you with its beauty and vigor. They are a symbol of love, togetherness, commitment and purity.

Diamonds are gauged on a universal scale to determine their quality, enabling consumers to easily identify the original diamond. However, the various shapes, sizes, colours, and multiple internal characteristics of diamonds mean no two are the same.

Before you buy a diamond, it is important to know what you’re looking for in a quality stone.

We value the trust you put in us to help find you the perfect ring, so we’d like to educate you about diamonds so you can be assured what you receive is of the highest quality.

When you are looking for quality of diamonds, check out the 4C’s  first. These are: color, clarity, carat weight, and cut.

A flawless diamond must be free from all blemishes and inclusions as well as the surface of the diamond being pure and clear without any flaws. Every diamond looks pure like snowflakes, which is why it is believed that the appearance of the diamond depicts the quality. Even just a subtle colour difference can drastically affect the quality of a diamond. Similarly, the way light passes through your diamond also affects the quality.

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The clarity scale is broken down into the following grade.

Symbol Meaning Definition

F Flawless

Free from all inclusions or blemishes.

IF Internally Flawless

No inclusions visible at 10x magnification.

VVS1 Very Very Slightly   Included #1

 Inclusions that are extremely difficult to locate at 10x.

VS1 Very Slightly Included #1

Minor inclusions that are difficult to locate at 10x.

VVS2 Very Very Slightly Included #2

Inclusions that are very difficult to locate at 10x.

SI1 Slightly Included #1

Noticeable inclusions that are easy to locate at 10x.

I1 Included #1

Obvious inclusions. Somewhat easy to locate with the unaided eye.

VS2 Very Slightly Included #2

Minor inclusions that are somewhat difficult to locate at 10x.

I3 Included #3

Obvious inclusions. Very easy to locate with the unaided eye.

Sl2 Slightly Included #2

Noticeable inclusion that are very easy to locate at 10x.

I2 Included #2

Obvious inclusions. Easy to locate with the unaided eye.